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supercerealoso: Artwork 2020

Posted: Fri Oct 23 2020

The last time I posted a webcomic was back in 2017. But I have done some artwork in that time. I decided to make a small selection and display it in this blog post.

Dices (2020)

I am not really a good photographer. But I liked this one. Light is good and I am into ordered things, it is pleasant. The background texture is also nice to look at.

Dices (2020) Drawing on a CRT TV (2020)

I like the texture of a CRT TV on camera. I selected some old drawings and used an Xbox to show the images on screen. I am the hand model, so it was a little tricky.

Drawing on a CRT TV (2020)
Drawing on a CRT TV (2020)
Drawing on a CRT TV (2020)
Drawing on a CRT TV (2020)
TV Time (2017)

I must have been 5 when I first saw those giant robots, man.

TV Time (2017) Wizard (2016)

That was a really good grey marker.

Wizard (2016)

And now, stuff that might fool Google into doing my marketing job for me.

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