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Poor Oliver...


supercerealoso: Green Arrow Is Jealous of Batman

Posted: Sun Jan 20 2013

I didn't know about "Arrow Car" before this.

This one was one of my first comics to ever gain some attention. It started with my friend Palafunk, he said I had to make a comic with Green Arrow stuck in traffic and seeing a green arrow in the traffic lights or something like that. I’m not the biggest Green Arrow fan, I always thought of him as an unnecessary second Batman, so I felt it would be funny to add some background about him being jealous of Batman (who rocks a lot and has a way better theme and costume and all that). Curious thing is that I have done many Batman comics but they never really succeeded. Now, for Green Arrow fans, I know Green Arrow is also rich so he would have access to better transportation, but come on guys, it’s a joke, I gave you the Arrow Car, what else do you want?

And now, stuff that might fool Google into doing my marketing job for me.

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Move Idiot!
Honk honk Damn Bruce... Making me come to damn Gotham He didn't even give me a ride on the Batmobile or Batplane or Bat-whatever That giant ego even has a Bat-signal What do I get? *Ting*


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