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supercerealoso: Protection

Posted: Mon Jun 02 2014

Curse you Norton! Curse you!

I was thinking about what to do for that week’s comic while walking on a store, looking for video games and movies and stuff, I thought, I have to add some sex to Power of Power some way, but I didn’t wanted it to be some plain sex joke, that sucks…and suddenly, I saw a Norton Antivirus box and thought, who buys that damn bloatware?! I mean if it was a condom It would not just not protect you, it would CAUSE STDs! Right? There you go... This comic was popular practically everywhere I submitted it, so it won it’s place as the best comic from Power of Power until now!

And now, stuff that might fool Google into doing my marketing job for me.

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You have protection, right?
Of course! Oh, Norton makes condoms too? Later... I'm afraid you both have AIDS... What?! None of us had... Also... you're both... pregnant, literally


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