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supercerealoso: Frozen Post-Credits

Posted: Mon Jun 30 2014

This is a running gag between me and friends (OK... only yugimotta and superdaniel100), every time we see a new non-marvel movie we say “oh, now Nick Fury is coming out from nowhere to tell DiCaprio about the Avengers Initiative”, We even wanted to make a series just about it (who knows, it could happen). But Frozen was perfect for it since Elsa actually has superpowers, everyone loved it, and Disney bought Marvel and did a really cool Avengers movie, so... It was natural to think of it. Also, Samuel L. Jackson is a bad motherfucker.

And now, stuff that might fool Google into doing my marketing job for me.

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Since the Iron Man movie, I always stay to see if there's a post-credits scene like in Frozen...
Now that I have learned to accept myself by the power of sisterly love I can finally rest... Hello, Elsa... Who are you?! Have you heard of the Avengers Initiative? Are you a pirate? Cool! *Dramatic fade-out*


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